Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called ""?

We wanted to make blogging as frictionless as possible.

Part of the friction in setting up a new blog is thinking up a cool name for it. We've removed that by defaulting the name to - it's descriptive, and easy to remember when you're telling your friends. (You don't even have to type in your name, we'll look it up from your profile in your Microsoft account when you sign up).

How long does it take for changes to be published?

Usually less than 30 seconds, but can be a bit longer for large documents (e.g containing lots of images).

How are the blog title, subtitle and published date determined?

In priority order:

  • You can specify them directly by creating a table in the "Front matter" section of your document (that's anything before the first "Heading 1" or "Title"-styled text in your document).

    • In the first column of the table, put "Title", "Subtitle", and/or "Date"

    • In the second column of the table, put the title (or subtitle or published date) that you would like to use for that blog post

  • If there's no front-matter table:

    • The title will be taken from the first text that's styled as "Heading 1" or "Title".

    • The subtitle will be taken from the first text that's styled as "Subtitle", or failing that, the first few words after the "Heading 1" or "Title" styled text.

How can I add more "active" content to my blog post?

If you put something inside a single-cell table (that's a table with one row and one column), we will try to do something awesome with that content. Right now, the two things we can do with single-cell tables are:

  • If it's a link to a youtube video, we'll embed a youtube player in the blog post
  • If it looks like a code snippet, we'll color-syntax-highlight it.

There are more single-cell table formatters coming - let us know if you have any particular needs or ideas.