The world's easiest blog system.

Edit your blog posts in Word. Store them in OneDrive.
We'll publish them automatically as your very own blog.

Blogging is fun again.

  • Stick with what you know

    You already know how to create and edit documents in Word. You know how to store and organise them in OneDrive. We'll give you a special folder to hold your blog posts - nothing new to learn.

  • It's all automatic

    Just edit as normal in Microsoft Word. Any changes will appear automatically on your blog. If you want to work on a draft before publishing, just rename it to have "DRAFT" in the filename, then remove that when you're ready.

  • No new accounts & passwords to remember

    It all happens inside OneDrive, using your existing Microsoft account. When you sign up, you're giving us permission to work in a folder in your /Apps directory. We'll notice your changes & publish automatically for you.


Even the pricing is easy

  • Personal
  • Free
  • Clean theme
  • Search
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Professional
  • $ 10/m
  • Bring-your-own domain
  • Choose a theme
  • Search
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Coming soon

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